Dedication and Disclaimer

To Becky, who in a brief comment, probably written in jest, suggested I start a blog. This blog is simply my thoughts...my life...me... shared in hopes that something I've gone through, think, or feel may in some way help another. So take care when reading or sharing, for I am fragile. I am not implying I am right or wrong.… Continue reading Dedication and Disclaimer

My Life

April Fools, Part 2

My crazy, manic episode lasted almost a week. Part 1 explained what happens during a "spell", but there's more to it. Most disturbing is that I am not in control of myself. It's as if someone has stepped inside my body and taken over. It feels like I'm on the outside looking in, knowing I'm… Continue reading April Fools, Part 2


I got nothin’.

Posts have been started multiple times; the trash can icon ends their lives. I got nothin'. Joyful things happenin' all around; they leap beyond my reach never settlin' down. I got nothin'. Head rested on a soft pillow; warmth surrounds from being swaddled; eyes closed; mind at rest; fallin' into nothingness. I want nothin'.

Me, My Life, My Thoughts

Self Destructive

Counseling is an amazing thing. I've learned so much about myself; things I had never even thought to wonder about. But, it explains so much! A couple of weeks ago, Bonnie, my counselor, described my reaction to a family disagreement as self destructive. It goes something like this... 1) I get frustrated about something. 2)… Continue reading Self Destructive